The Company "Metálicas Zuher" (ZUrbano HERmanos - Zurbano brothers) is born in 1994. We have an extensive knowledge of industrial welding and fabrication of metal components.

At the beginning our warehouse was placed in the industrial area "Morea Sur" in Beriain. Our field was mainly public work and housing developments, but our mind has always been put to industrial sector, in which we have oriented our work and the investments in machinery and plant.

The progressive growth of the Company made us move to Huarte's "Areta" industrial area ​​in 2000. Since then, we offer our services  in a facility of 5000 square meters with a highly skilled workforce.

"Metálicas Zuher" is a Company that differs from competition introducing new technologies in productive labor and management area, despite belonging to a traditional sector. The basic values of our Company are technological innovation, the quality of our products and good service to our customers.